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Dear friends of the Stradivari-family

For many years now and with great joy I have organized musical trips revolving around the concert activities of my ensembles. This resulted in various StradivariFESTS. I invite you again this year from the bottom of my heart to be part of this festivals.

Beforehand, I would like to present you our StradivariFESTS of the current year:

21.–25. January 2019 StradivariFEST Sils (20.–24.1.2020)
18.–20. January 2019 StradivariFEST Rigi
12.–16. March 2019 StradivariFEST Hamburg
28.–31. May 2019 StradivariFEST Giessbach
24.–28. July 2019 StradivariFEST Gersau
20.–24. September 2019 StradivariFEST Berlin
16.–19. October 2019 StradivariFEST Scuol
22.–24. November 2019 StradivariFEST Rigi

All festivals have a mixture of high-quality music and beautiful, interesting experiences in the small and personal circle of our Stradivari family. In the meantime, long-standing friendships have developed between visitors, musicians and hosts, which we enjoy cultivating. What distinguishes the individual StradivariFESTS are, of course, the venues that invite to diverse forms of musical life. It is important to me to include this in our concert program design. I would be very happy to have you with us, be it

  • in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg with its rich cultural heritage, the Elbphilharmonie and, of course, around the harbor, Germany's formerly most important gateway to the world,
  • in the historic Grandhotel Giessbach and its unique surroundings,
  • on the Seebühne in Gersauer, the Rütli, the Hotel Waldstätterhof and other sites on the upper part of Lake Lucerne,
  • in the big city atmosphere of Berlin, where we musically throw a look back into the exciting twenties,
  • in the enchanting Engadine autumn atmosphere of Scuol with concerts in Tarasp Castle, the Sent Church, in Ftan and in Scuol,
  • at the top of the Rigi with the unique view in the Rigi Kulm-Hotel, to enjoy the Fireplace Concert or to marvel at the end of the day in the Sunset Concert,
  • in the city of Vienna, in order to trace various composers and discover new facets of the Habsburg city in their footsteps,
  • in the Stradivari town of Cremona, following in the footsteps of the famous violin maker.

As every year I look with great curiosity on the StradivariREISEN and the StradivariFEST in 2019, because they always give me new encounters and impressions. I, like my fellow musicians, are happy to be able to enjoy this with you.

Sincerely yours,
Maja Weber

StradivariFEST Winter Sounds at Lake Zurich

The concerts are taking place in beautiful venues around the lake, e.g. Florhof Zürich, Schloss Au, Schloss Rapperswil and Schinzenhof Horgen.

StradivariFEST Gersau

Discover the world’s most beautiful concert halls: the nature on the banks of Lace Lucerne!
We are enhancing them even more with the emotions of music.

StradivariREISEN Hamburg

StradivariFEST Hamburg

The Steinway and port town Hamburg is home to the new Elbphilharmonie music hall. Find out about the secrets of piano making on a personal guided factory tour at Steinway & Sons and get inspired by the variety of grand piano models with the help of our pianist, Per Lundberg. Afterwards you can enjoy a concert at the Steinway concert hall.

StradivariFEST Scuol

Let us awake your enthuisiasm with a new StradivariFEST in Lower Engadin.

StradivariFEST Giessbach

Come with us to the fairytale castle Grandhotel Giessbach on Lake Brienz and enjoy the early summer days with us. We will take you to the Rothorn and experience the travelling on a steamboat. Of course there will be several musical surprises and excellent concerts at very special concert places.

StradivariFEST Berlin

Explore the vibrant city of Berlin with us over a long weekend and accompany our concert in the legendary Berliner Philharmonie.

StradivariFEST Rigi

Explore the magical winter landscape on the Rigi and enjoy various concerts by the log fire while the sun goes down outside.

StradivariREISEN Sils

StradivariFEST Sils

Enjoy a few winter days in the unique Waldhaus hotel in Sils. The Waldhaus has been close to our hearts for many years. Now we would like to expand the annual concert to a StradivariFEST and open it up for our guests.

StradivariREISEN Cremona

StradivariFEST Cremona

Explore the Stradivari town of Cremona with us. Join us on our trip to Cremona and see how exceptional this luthiers’ city really is. The picturesque town is the symbol and heritage of the violin makers Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati.


StradivariFEST Wien

Travel to Vienna with us and get to know the music capital from the viewpoint of a string quartet. Together we will explore the legacy of Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven.