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StradivariFEST in Gersau 2018

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StradivariFEST 2018: 26.–29. July

After the third instalment of the StradivariFEST in Gersau, we were thrilled to notice that the interest shown by various parties had increased significantly.

For 2018 we are now planning a bigger StradivariFEST around Gersau, at the Gersau church, the Seebühne (lake stage) Gersau, the «Seehotel Waldstätterhof» in Brunnen, with the freight boat to the Rütli and on the Rigi mountain. The StradivariFEST is held every year and has become an integral part of the event schedule around Lake Lucerne.

As is the case with every StradivariFEST, several concerts with various orchestrations around the Stradivari Quartet will take place. These concerts are held in unusual venues and often in a natural setting – especially at events around Lake Lucerne. We are also using these concerts as an opportunity to interact with the audience. Cocktail receptions, dinners, hikes, guided tours and possibly even musical events for kids are on our schedule for the StradivariFEST.