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StradivariFEST Scuol 2019: 16.–19. Oktober

After celebrated international tours and acclaimed StradivariFESTS in Hamburg, Berlin, Giessbach, Sils, Cremona and Gersau, the «Winter sounds at Lake Zurich» and an extremely successful second edition in Scuol in 2018, we are now planning a continuation of the StradivariFEST in lower Engadine with various local partners in 2019. In the past year, the interest of the press was overwhelming and the direct demand from the audience exceeded our estimates by far.

As with all StradivariFESTS various concerts are offered with the StradivariQuartett and their friends. At the center is the playing in special rooms around Scuol, in Tarasp Castle, in the church of Sent and in the High Alpine Institute Ftan. Concerning the concerts we are always looking for a very personal exchange with the audience. Therefore we organize aperitifs and joint artist dinners, which provide ample opportunity to get to know the musicians better.

This year, we offer an introduction into the concert programme especially for children before the concert in the High Alpine Institute Ftan. We are looking forward to show the beautiful world of classical music to the youngest generation.

Tickets available at:

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