StradivariFESTe 2021 EN

StradivariFESTe 2021

Dear friends of the Stradivari-family

For many years now and with great joy I have organized musical trips revolving around the concert activities of my ensembles. This resulted in various StradivariFESTS. I invite you again this year from the bottom of my heart to be part of this festivals.

Beforehand, I would like to present you our StradivariFESTS of the current year:

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All festivals have in common the mixture of high quality music and beautiful, interesting experiences in the small and personal circle of our Stradivari family. In the meantime, friendships have developed between visitors, musicians and hosts, some of which have lasted for many years, which we are happy to maintain and greatly appreciate. What distinguishes the individual StradivariFESTS are, of course, the venues, which invite a variety of forms of musical life. It is a matter of concern to me to let this also flow into our concert program design. It would give me great pleasure to have you with us, whether it be

  • in the enchanting city of St. Gallen, with its rich culture,
  • on the Gersau lake stage, the Rütli, in the Hotel Waldstätterhof and at other locations on the upper part of Lake Lucerne,
  • in the Stradivari town of Cremona on the traces of the famous luthier.
  • in the enchanting Engadine autumn atmosphere of Scuol with concerts in Tarasp Castle, the church of Sent, in Ftan and in Scuol,
  • on top of the Rigi with the unique view in the Rigi Kulm-Hotel, enjoying the fireplace concert or marveling at the end of the day in the sunset concert

As every year, I look forward with great curiosity to the StradivariTRAVELs and the StradivariFESTs in 2021, because they always give me new encounters and impressions. I, as well as my fellow musicians, look forward to enjoying them together with you.

Warmest regards,
Your Maja Weber

The StradivariFESTs 2021

For further informations about the StradivariFESTs, click on the images.

StradivariFEST New Year Concerts 

8.–10. January 2021 (CANCELLED)

Start the new year musically! 2021 New Year's concerts will take place in Scuol, Oberrieden and Gersau.

StradivariFEST Sils

1.–5. February 2021

Enjoy with us some winter days at the Waldhaus Sils. For many years we have a friendship with the unique Hotel Waldhaus Sils. Now we would like to extend the annual concert also to a StradivariFEST and open it for our guests.

StradivariFEST Schatzalp

1.–4. March 2021

Experience with us the magnificent view in the enchanting mountain hotel Schatzalp, away from all actuality we dive together into another time.

StradivariFEST Thun

12.–15. April 2021

Discover with us the unique location of the Schadau Castle on Lake Thun. The boutique hotel with only 9 rooms, which was transformed from a historic entrepreneurial villa into an inn recently, also has a wonderful small concert hall.

StradivariFEST St. Gallen

14.–17. May 2021

Explore with us the fascinating textile and cultural city of St. Gallen with its historic Abbey Library and experience the Stradivari Quartet with its friends live in the Tonhalle St. Gallen as the highlight of this trip.

StradivariFEST Meersburg

7.–10. June 2021

Treat yourself to wonderful days with us at the beautiful Lake Constance and experience great music in the magnificent castles in Meersburg and on the island of Mainau.

StradivariFEST Gersau

21.–26. July 2021

Discover with us the most beautiful concert halls in the world: the nature around Lake Lucerne!
We enrich them with the emotions of music.

StradivariFEST Cremona

8.–12. September 2021

Travel with us to Cremona and discover the unique luthier city. The picturesque town lives from the legacy of the great luthiers Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati.

StradivariFEST Scuol

11.–15. October 2021

Enjoy with us the unique late autumn atmosphere in the Lower Engadine and let the music take you to the historical monuments.

StradivariFEST Rigi

5.–7. November 2021

Explore the enchanting winter landscape on the Rigi and enjoy various concerts by the fireplace while the sun sets outside.

StradivariFEST Solothurn

30. November.–3. December 2021

Enjoy with us the Advent season in the baroque city of Solothurn. Together we will spend some beautiful days in the picturesque city center with the beautiful cathedral and the many historical sights.