Mendelssohn – Winter Sounds at Lake Zurich

Winter Sounds at Lake Zurich – Mendelssohn 2020/21

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It is with special pleasure that we present the StradivariFEST «Winter sounds on Lake Zurich» of the 2020/2021 season. This season, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy is at the centre of attention. We would like to use this unique chamber music literature to introduce you to his versatile style of expression and musical language in our very personal way.

As in the 2019/2020 season, we will present a prelude before each concert. This is a very special «live» introduction to the respective concert evening, led by well-known journalists from the Swiss classical music scene. In Herrliberg and Zurich, this introduction is specially designed for children. Of course, adults are also very welcome.

As usual, we would like to conclude each of the concerts with a drink together. Here we are very grateful for the active support of the company Dreistand vom Zürichsee. They will take care of the physical well-being of the concert visitors. We would like to thank her very much for this and welcome her once again to our Stradivari circle! We are also continuing the artists' dinner: please make your reservation directly with the respective restaurant with the note «StradivariTISCH».

Dear friends of chamber music, we are very much looking forward to the new season with concerts around Lake Zurich. The exchange with you, our loyal guests and – through his music – of course also with Beethoven will certainly be a great experience for you as well as for us!

Tickets are availiable with:

+41 43 333 55 55

The StradivariFEST passes are given in order of order.

CHF 55.– including Aperitif / CHF 40.– for StradivariCIRCLE
CHF 10.– children until 16 years
CHF 150.– StradivariFEST-Pass, 6 concerts / CHF 125.– for StradivariCIRCLE

Veranstaltung Datum Ort Tickets und Infos
StradivariFEST-Pass all six concerts all six concerts ticket@stradivariquartett.com
Tel. +41 43 333 55 55
StradivariFEST 1 20.09.2020
Prélude 16:15
Begin 17:00
Schloss Rapperswil,
StradivariFEST 2 06.12.2020
Prélude 16:15
Begin 17:00
StradivariFEST 3 31.01.2021
Prélude 16:15
Begin 17:00
Schloss Au
StradivariFEST 4 14.03.2021
Prélude 16:15
Begin 17:00
Gemeindesaal Obstgarten
StradivariFEST 5 09.05.2021
Begin 17:15
Kloster Einsiedeln, Grosser Saal
Onlinetickets not available

Please contact us per mail at ticket@stradivariquartett.com

StradivariFEST 6 13.06.2021
Prélude 16:15
Begin 17:00
Florhof, Grosser Saal